Aurelia Schittler

Cologne area • [email protected]

Fact Sheet

Formal Education
Computer Science Expert / Application Development (Fachinformatik / Anwendungsentwicklung)
Core Competency
AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Go, Linux

Professional Experience

May 2023

Handelsblatt Media Group

Cloud Engineer, Digital Development

Oct 2022
Apr 2023

REWE digital

Cloud Engineer, Security Engineering

Worked on project to generate and store SBOMs of all container images within the company.

Feb 2021
Sep 2022

REWE digital

Cloud Engineer, Platform Tribe

Worked on building GitHub Actions runner infrastructure, custom VM image and orchestration via autoscaler. Built and advocated for internal developer portal using Backstage.

Jan 2019
Jan 2021

Fashion Digital (Peek & Cloppenburg group Düsseldorf)

Developer, Cloud Architecture

Continuation of work at Fashion ID. Built in-house Kubernetes Ingress Controller with service-bound policies and OIDC authentication to scale across many clusters. Built a metrics aggregator and transformer, supporting Prometheus and TSDB format. Developed more features for internal development platform, including standardized workflows for QA, advanced load balancing and language support for PHP/Symphony for onboarding more teams after the merger.

Apr 2018
Dec 2018

Fashion ID (Peek & Cloppenburg group Düsseldorf)

Developer, Architecture/Technology

Maintaining unmanaged Kubernetes clusters with Cloud Formation. Migration to Kubernetes with minimal disruption to developers with in-house platform that handles application specification, continuous deployment, metrics and logging with a high degree of standardization. Also maintained libraries supporting standardization in Scala, Node and Go.

Jul 2017
Dec 2017

3Logic Systems (

Application Developer

Aug 2014
Jun 2017

77ps - Agentur für Kommunikation

Apprenticeship - Computer Science Expert / Application Development

April 2013
Jul 2014

77ps - Agentur für Kommunikation

Intern - Web-Development


Freelance Developer

Various WordPress, PHP and Node.js projects.



Go appealed to me because of its slim syntax and ideomatic approches to problem solving and has become my language of choice for productivity on the backend and wherever a problem is complex enough that the language to solve it should be simple and out of the way, especially when working on Code interacting with Kubernetes.


I have been involved with JavaScript since the early days of Node.js. As a developing technology with new libraries and tools being released on a daily basis, JS proved to be a great plaform for experimenting with exciting new technology and nearly universal portability.

Though I'm no longer writing JavaScript on a daily basis or try out every new framework, I'm still quite proficient with it.

Tools, Frameworks & Platforms

AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, Linux, Terraform, Git, GitHub
Postgres, Argo CD, Keycloak, Vault, Ansible
Limited Experience
Consul, MongoDB

Volunteer Experience

Sep 2015


Linux Administration

Maintaining WordPress, Forums, Redmine.